Jun 14 2013

Set up a Google Nexus 7 tablet for Android development with Eclipse and the Android SDK using Windows 7

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This article discusses setting up the Google Nexus 7 tablet for Android development using Windows 7.

First things first, for a device that is supposed to be at the frontline of Google’s efforts to nurture Android development, the Google Nexus 7 manufactured by Asus contains a surprising easter egg when you first prepare it as a development device.

The entire ‘Development options’ setting is missing when you select ‘Settings’-> System Section.  There should be a ‘Developer options’ setting between ‘Accesibility’ and ‘About Tablet’.


The entire ‘developer options’ menu option is missing from the ‘Settings’ menu when you first try to use a Nexus 7 as a development environment

Whatever the reasons Google had for preventing access to this option, unlocking it is achieved from the ‘Configuration’->’About’ menu as follows:

  1. From the Configuration application, click on ‘About tablet’, then click several times on top of the ‘Build Number’ option. This will result in unlocking all developer features and receiving a message that says ‘Congratulations, you are now a developer’.

When you plug your Nexus 7 to your Windows PC, it will not immediately be recognized as a valid development device. However, unlike other devices, the Google Nexus 7 has its Windows ADB driver installer built in to the Android SDK Manager.   All you need to do is find the driver and install it as you would from a CD.

Instructions for obtaining the ADB driver installer

  • If you have not installed it, set up the Android SDK manager application. Instructions are available here
  • Once installed, from the main SDK manager window, you will notice an sdk-path setting in the form c:\users\<windows user name>\appdata\local\android-sdk. Navigate to this location using windows explorer

Important: the appdata folder may be hidden

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