Dec 18 2012

Compiling and running your first Android application in Windows 7: Part 3: Modify application and deploy

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In Part 2, we advanced as far as compiling the Simple Loan Application without errors. Up to that point, we had not yet deployed the application to our device.

(update 18 June 2013) The Simple Loan application developer has decided to remove most menu buttons and this includes the ‘Donate’ option used in this tutorial. If you wish to continue this part of the tutorial, you need to work with the original version of source code which is available from the location below, otherwise you may skip to this step.

Location of original Simple Loan Calculator:

For this final task we have three simple goals:

1. Disable the Paypal donation button present in two menu layouts.

2. Change the application’s version number to make it distinct from the original application.
3. Recompile and deploy to our Android device

Each screen or layout in an Android applicationĀ  is designed in code as a separate XML file per screen.

In case of the Simple Loan Application, the following layouts exist:

main: contains the base of the application and all the different variable fields used to calculate loans.
schedule: contains the detail of payments once they haveĀ  been calculated
compare: similar to the payment schedule, but it allows comparison amongs different payment options
help: user help screen

You can look for layouts under folder <project location>/res/layout
Although menus are displayed in specific screens, they are stored in separate layout files themselves.

Menus are xml files under folder <project location>/menu

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